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When it comes to health, exercise & fitness the best influence comes from subject matter experts. The challenge was to get on board top fitness professionals on a new web based platform where they get to showcase their expertise & access exclusive offers & deals from the brand, thereby creating a strong user generated content portal.


Everyone is ready to consume, and share content around fitness from an established brand but to get them to follow the fitness regime, they need a relatable figure who they can follow.

Add to that tailored content from India’s top fitness trainers, as well as a glimpse into their life and their work. Create a content rich professional fitness networking platform.


Reeboot100 as a special campaign where author Chetan Bhagat took the challenge to shape up in 100 days under the guidance of Reebok trainers. To create the buzz and keep the interest growing we produced infographics and content daily for the website –


chetan bhagat :
Campaign planning

  • Leverage the Social media presence of influencer Chetan Bhagat to get the Reeboot100 campaign off the ground.
  • Daily first person blogs to be produced, along with workout infographics and diet charts to help the readers navigate through the comprehensive fitness plan Chetan is following.
  • Reach out with the content to fitness community & trainers in India, and help them get on board

Work with trainers, help them sign up & understand the platform and value it brings for them

Work on outreach strategy to get more
trainers onboard

Devise a matrix for authenticating trainer credentials &
implement it


Total fitness trainers who connected
through the campaign & signed
up on

Total number of organic
engagements with the website
content during the campaign

Total organic social engagement
on the content pushed during
the campaign by influencer